We all need one color corrector ..

Hello Everyone,

Today we will discuss about the cutest product I found for reducing the appareance of acne, color corrector.

So basically I got it, when I was 16, I dint know that this product will actually help in reducing the acne appearance. I just bought it randomly,so this concealer Had two sides, One was a green and the other was the colour of the concealer.

I was such a kid, I thought the green colour was actually to protect my acne from further harm,I thought it was a medicne🙈

Later when a  year back, I started watching YouTube tutorials I saw these color corrector being used.

Most of them are Very expensive. This one is really cheap and does good work.

Let’s grab it 😆
So this product is Oriflam’s Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree and Rosemary Purifying Corrective Stick.

This stick is very affordable and does really go with all skin types,it blends well and doesn’t leave patches if blended properly.

We all need this as whenever we have a party/function our first guest will be a big visible acne,screaming hola to everyone right from our face 😅

Hope it helps you all too 

Much love 


We all need this one for a reason 🙈

You’re the one who decides,If it’s meant to be.

Hello everyone,This blog post is totally random, it’s about a situation everyone deals with .

We all deal with people who, we are not happy with to the extent of which we should be.

Like, I have been in such situations,my friends have been, literally everyone I have met,Have crossed people who don’t make them happy.

You know you have tried your level best, you’ve been good to that person, still that person doesn’t value you then, it’s all your mistake for not treating yourself the way you should .

You are the reason you are not happy, above all you should keep yourself happy, that should be the main Moto of your life if you are keeping yourself happy you boost positive energy, you need to tell yourself,I need to keep others happy,the real people who love me who care for me,who want me to be happy.

The first thing you do when you are in such a situation is that you analyse your future practically, if it is your need to stay in such a situation then, try adjusting in different ways.But, if you have a choice whether to stay in such a toxic situation or no 

My advice is just leave, you don’t have to pressurise yourself to be with someone who doesn’t value you . Do not have any interaction with that person ,you’d be happier in your life after 2 weeks,Tried and tested 😋

You would get someone better let it be your friend,best friend, boyfriend, neighbour like literally anyone who doesn’t keep you happy and becomes the reason for your sadness,shouldn’t be a part of your life,and only you can do this good to yourself .

Finally, what you can do is ,you leave them with all your heart,let go off them,they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Don’t wait for them to leave you,you do that,cause you’ve the power,to make decisions for yourself, you’re special,You deserve all the happiness,and just for a Human,who’s not at all worth it don’t waste your beautiful souls energy ❤️

Much love 

Alasie ❤️

That’s how we roll 💁🏻

Home remedies for clearing Acne 

Hello everyone,

In this blog, I will be writing about the home remedies for clearing acne and to what extent it works.

So when I was dealing with acne I tried everything,whatever people told me.
As far as I have experienced,The home remedies for clearing acne do not work to the extent it should,sometimes they cause more irritation to the skin.

The products I tried a lot are -gram flour, honey, curd, lemon, baking soda, Aloe Vera,Apple cider vinegar.

Gram flour, this was told to me by many people, basically they asked me to wash my face with a mixture of gram flour, instead of soap.so I used gram flour with water, rose water, milk, honey, curd,turmeric powder.

What I realised was that the gram flour has the properties of reducing oil from your skin basically making your skin a little dryer, this should not be put when you have acne as it increases the acne.

  • So for all the people who have very oily skin, they can put a mixture of gram flour and rose water twice a week.

Honey and curd can be mixed with anything or simply left alone and applied just too moisture your skin.

Baking soda, also makes your skin dry,I have realised that baking soda when applied to an oily scalp reduces the oil content,not tremendously but to some extent it does,for atleast a week.

Aloe Vera, it does no good because, there are 150 different varieties of Aloe Vera, if you get the right one you are blessed , but if you don’t then the normal ones are of no use, I personally tried Aloe Vera one of them actually helped reducing acne for some time, I ate aloe Vera too which was of no use, that’s what i felt.

Apple cider vinegar, I applied to my face, and for sometime I was having tingling sensation,

After that I tried it 5-6 times,I dint feel any difference,you are supposed to drink it too,but it was a very big task for me, once i tried it tasted horrible.

I started using Lemon 🍋 I used to apply every day, I did this for a month,I dint notice a very big change, but the spots on my face were a little less visible,it dint fadeaway.

Everything needs a lot of patience,if you use something continuously then it’ll show some results.

Have patience.

All the posts on my blog are going to be very true as I can’t tell people things which dint work for me .

I’ve tried many more things.

If you guys have any suggestions please do comment.

Much love 

Alasie ❤️

But I hope it works for you all ❤️

The dermatological solution 

Let’s do this,😁

So, the first experience I had with the dermatologist, Was very weird.

Everything was new for me including the tablets those creams,literally everything.

The first cream that I was given was clear gel for the daytime and for the night time a very mild cream was given for the first week which I don’t remember,after which Benzac AC 2.5% was given Later the percentage increased to 5,then there were Some zinc tablets given to me I don’t know for what 😂.

I was then told the importance of sunscreen and was given bioderma sunscreen.

This was my first Dr,I used to go to him every month, I realised as long as I was taking the tablets and was applying the creams my skin was good.

When he increased my dosage and when I was using Benzac ac 5%,my skin got really good.

When ever I had acne, I used to apply benzac,it used to reduce my acne really fast, but used to get my skin really dry,I dint mind as my skins very oily.

It eventually reduced its affect cause may be my skin got used to it.

The next type of treatment which I tried was homeopathic.

This treatment can do wonders for few,I bet.

So there was this doctor I went to she prescribed me medicines which very well treated the mild acne I had on my back,but gave a very adverse reaction on my face.

There was a hell lot of acne on my face then,I imediately had to see a dermit.

He treated me but the acne condition was so bad that it left scars on my face,which I’ve till now.i should have treated my acne as soon as it started,but I Was thinking that it was homeopathy treatment type wherein you get a sudden explosion and then it reduces by itself.

My skin used to always be good for a period of 6 months with treatments I’ve been to every doctor for 4-6 visits.

My last dermit gave me Acnicin,this cream is like a blessing after benzac in my life.

So she told me every night whether I have much acne or no,I need to wash my face and when my face is damp I should take acnicin in very little quantity and apply all over,this will reduce and also avoid any new acne from getting big.

In case it stops working I need to see her again 😂

The things you should do while dealing with acne:

Start worrying about it to some extent and visit a Dermatologist,yes you’ve heard it right,if your acne is out of control please visit them cause it’ll cause immense scaring to your skin if left untreated.

  • Do not listen to everyone, cause their face type,texture,acne type everything is different from yours.

You can try out the two creams, Benzac, acnicin for yourself as they have acne killing agents benzoyl peroxide,salysalic acid you can try and see which works for, in case they don’t then please visit a dermit.

  • Another moisturiser which I suggest is Dermadew acne,wash your face every night before you go to sleep,I used Dermadew acne soap also for a very long time,all these products are pocket friendly and will help you a lot.

Do not over use these products as they cause your skin to get irritated and cause small pores.

  • Most favourite of everyone please drink lots of water,which I don’t😂

Do not buy everything that is shown on TV commercials like me, this seriously doesnt work, at least for me.

    I hope to help each and every one of you all,do comment if you’ve any queries.

    Much love 

    Alasie ❤️

    And I really hope,it works for you all 🙈


    The struggle is real 

     Hello readers,

    Today I decided to blog about something which is very very problematic for for about a 50% teenagers not only teenagers but also the girls and guys in their 20s.

    Any guesses???

    ACNE 😖

    Yes you’ve read it right,its acne.

    So basically I’ll guide you through the struggle,I have dealt with and how I recovered from it.

    This post will contain all the struggle I have faced,and I’ll do a second post regarding detailed remedies which include the dermatological treatments and the normal Ones which basically include the home-made and superficial ones.

    I have always been very conscious regarding my acne so At my early teenage,when I was 16,I got a lot of acne, I have been to almost 10 dermatologist including dermits from different cities to.

    At the age of 18,I met with an accident which caused very big scar right beside my eye,which added to my misery as the scar was very visible and which made me go to More Dermatologist for clearing the scar,when I used to visit them for the scar, they used to start treating me for the acne instead that was causing me a lot of trouble and I stopped going to dermits.

    What I have learnt is that people constantly keep telling you this one line “The more you worry,The more you get it”.

    But there are a lot of chances that if you don’t worry about it and take care of it at the very beginning it’s going to get worse and leave scars which you can never ever recover from unless you go through laser surgeries or medical options provided by dermatologists.

    Up on the next post will be having all the guide through all the medical treatments and creams which has worked on very well on my skin.

    Hoping it’ll work for you guys to.

    Much love


    And the struggle is very real🤐


    Hello everyone,

    This is the first post, basically every blogger will introduce themselves to their viewers but I on the other hand would like to keep myself a secret.

    I don’t want to show my identity to anyone not because I’m scared of getting judged but because I want people to live their lives through my posts and not because of the person I am.

    I am a 22 year old girl Who is under pressure to do something in life.

    Every second person I meet is wanting to know what I’m gonna do next but to be honest I don’t know myself.

    Basically, many girls my age are having a relationship,are married, are engaged, or Wanderers like me trying to figure out what to do with life, I bet there are 50% people like me.😂

    So leaving everything behind I decided that I will start my own blog where I will write what I feel like and for the people who feel like me I will be writing about whatever interests me.

    There are many things I want to achieve in life one of them being I always wanted to set up my own restaurant I hope to raise that much money in life and set up my own restaurant which will have a really sexy theme.

    Let’s get the crazy blogging started.

    Nothing can be taken away from you,if it belongs to you ❤️